English-to-french freelance translator - Marie Pouliquen, writing and SEOYou’re looking for a freelance English-French translator also able to help with SEO on Google.fr ? 

A good English-French translation of your web content is essential to increase readership, be well-known in France, and win new clients.

  • Your English speaking company is opening a subsidiary in France and you wish to translate the content of your current websites or press releases from English to French
  • You would like to get English blog articles perfectly  translated or summarised, in order to complete your  French blog
  •  You’re using an automatic translator and your French texts are unreadable
  • You would like to get a translation including some keywords for your French SEO on Google.fr and you need your translator to be an SEO expert

Please feel  free to contact me for the translation of your web pages and blog articles from English to French !

How much does an English-to-French Translation cost ?